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LSP Services
Licensed Site Professional Service

LSP Services

Mr. Kubiczki, Principal of Hydro-GeoChemical has been a Licensed Site Professional (LSP License Number 4280), since the inception of the program in late-1993. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the LSP has the authority to oversee, provide opinions, and direct response actions to achieve site closure at hazardous waste sites regulated under the revised Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP 310 CMR 40.0000). Mr. Kubiczki has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of MCP compliance, including site investigations, emergency response, risk characterization, construction planning, reporting, and site remediation. He has rendered opinions and provided oversight on projects requiring the implementation of Limited Removal Actions (LRAs), Immediate Response Actions (IRAs), Release Abatement Measures (RAMs), Utility-Related Abatement Measures (URAMs), Tier Classifications, Phase I-Initial Site Investigations through Phase V-Status and Remedial Monitoring Reports, Method 1, 2 and 3 Risk Characterizations, Imminent Hazard and Substantial Hazard Evaluations, Permanent and Temporary Solutions, Downgradient Property Status Opinions, Activity and Use Limitations, and Public Involvement Plans.

In addition to providing Licensed Site Professional Support to all of Hydro-GeoChemical’s Massachusetts projects, he provides LSP services to other consulting firms without a Licensed Site Professional. Such relationships are a testimony to his strong technical background, professionalism, knowledge of the regulations, and dedicated work ethic.

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